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Wolfwares will make custom plush-toys ("Plushies") as well. A plush-toy can be made to look like any character you like.
The following plushies are examples of the work already done. Click on any of the links below to see the movie/image in more detail.

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CatGirl This was THE hardest plushie I ever made.. Took months. First totally humanoid plush, to exacting specifications of the customer, but MAN did she turn out nice! =)

A very interesting commission, showing exactly what commissioning a custom plush-toy is all about! This one was of a blue two-tailed kitsune fox.. something you would probably never be able to find in a store. It features yellow gemstone eyes and black socks, and two blue fox tails.

Gargoyle Dubbed 'Virgil' this is a little plush gargoyle toy, standing about 8" high. I made this for a co-worker for her birthday, but he just turned out so well!

Le Loup Bleu A hand-puppet made in the style of a puppet used in a local show, an xmas commission - the head is a puppet and the right hand is a glove so you can talk and make hand gestures at the same time.

Companion Cube THis is YOur WEighted COmpanion CUbe. Congradulations.. YOu have EUthanized your COmpanion cube MOre quickly THan any OTHer test SUbject. Well done. THis companion CUbe was designed as a XMas PResent, to SIt upon your DEsk and RADiate love. YOUr weighted COmpanion cube does not want to HOld you back.

White Raccoon A plush toy of a very sweet little white raccoon wearing a brown shirt, grey trenchcoat, carrying a sword, and blue jeans. In particular, he has a golden pendant of his BF (a fox-coon) around his neck. The details are very deep on this one. Done as a commission. Note the intricate tattoo on his back and poseable tail

Mini-Loopy plushie, made in soft white fleece with grey husky fur and ice-blue gemstone eyes.

Dark Elf A commission I made of a small dark elf for a bunch of fangirls. I actually had to take a bath on this one, cause I made another version first and it was way overbudget, so I had to scrap that one, eat the loss and then start over within the desired price. He's made of fleece and leather, and has a miniature panther and swords and all sorts of details (a cloak, too)

Green Dragon A plush toy of a green dragon in harness and ring. This one was particularly challenging because I had to find a material that resembled scales at a very small.. uh.. scale. The material was not fleece and was not as forgiving, so the stitch-work had to be extremely exacting. The eyes also posed a challenge because I could not find plastic bubs of the correct color. He turned out very well, tho. Wings are usual are supported by metal wire and poseable. Foam internal structure allows the dragon to stand.

Ragdoll version of Loopy.

The Rat-Flail! This was made as an xmas present, heavily inspired by the fabulous comic on VGCats! (big fanboy.) This little feller isn't really for sale, unless you can talk Scott into agreeing to me making more ;)

Orc Warrior A plush toy of a very cute little orc with a sign bearing the inscription "I kill pointy-ears FOR YOU!" Done as a commission, the little orc is in fur, fleece and foam, and stands on his own, suitable for desk or home.

Another splendid example of what a custom commission is all about - A spectacular tigerfox plush, part fox, part tiger. The orange, white and black color schemes of the two animals lent themselves so perfectly to this one. He is built rag-style but has the foam-based plushie glass eyes that follow you around the room.

White Feathery Dragon A plush toy of a beautiful white feathery dragon. Done as a commission, white fleece, custom eyes, feathery wings (with metal flex inside.) Yes, those are 8-9 separate tails in there :)

Beast Boy A plush toy of a favorite super-hero on the show Teen Titans all in fleece with green gemstone eyes and big goofy smile, ready to save the day.