Wolfwares is available for commissions!
On this page you will find details about how to get the drawing, toy, or item that you want

Click here to view a scrapbook of past commissions
Sketch: You want a pencil-sketch, say in a sketchbook, unfinished and uninked but signed. Click here.
Line Drawing: You want a finished black & white drawing, inked and signed. Click here
Character Portrait: You want a full-color portrait of your character on a basic background. Click here.
Full Scene: You want the whole thing, a full color page drawing or painting of the scene you specify. Click here
Simple Plush: You want just a simple rag doll plush with no structure and not too many details. Click here.
Full Plush: You want a full plush with complex details that will hold a given pose. Click here
Give as much detail as is important for you My process is to send you a scan of the sketch for approval and changes before I proceed to ink, and a scan of the inked drawing before I proceed to color, but if changes are found late, they will slow things down and may cost extra. Best to be as clear as you can up front.
Stay in Touch It doesn't hurt to keep in contact with me, so I can ask you questions, or so you can check how things are going. If I don't hear from customers for a long time, I start to get worried. It's best to reach me during the day on weekdays, when I might be working on stuff.
Provide rapid contact details, so I can reach you urgently for decisions For large or complex pieces, it slows down the process if have a design decision or a question for you, and I have to put your commission aside and on-hold while I await your reply by email.
Repairs are free for the first year Most every costume or plush is a custom design, so it may have problems. As such, I will happily repair any minor flaw or damage found within the first year of purchase. If it can't be perfect, it can at least be guaranteed.
Please Hold, as I cannot pay yet.. I understand that things get rough for us all sometimes, and it can happen that your finances cut out at a critical moment in a large commission. don't panic! If you cannot make a payment, I will hold onto the commission as yours for a period of up to 6 months for you before reclaiming.
Low Risk, Small Payment scheme For commissions guess-timated to be more than $100, I do ask for a non-refundable down payment of approximately half, to buy materials. I then chop the work up into $100 increments, and send you a progress report with photos at the end of each increment, and await approval and payment before continuing. This way, neither you nor me is ever at risk for more than $100 at a time. When your commission is complete, I will ship on receipt of final payment.
Cancel Anytime If ever you wish to terminate a commission, send me an email and I will send you the work so far completed (after all, you paid for it.)