Splittin Infinitives
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Designer:Andrew Pidcock
Categories:Strategy, Wargame, Sci-Fi, dice, card, hand-management, special abilities, humor
Time:~120 minutesAvailability:In Stock
Price:$75 direct from the designer Sales are ON HOLD To buy:

Splittin Infinitives is a unique space-strategy board game where each player takes command of an entire race and attempts to conquer the galaxy by military force, colonial expansion, superior technology, underhanded politics, or any combination of the above.

Remember those old boardgames that came with tons of stuff? I do, that's why I made Splittin Infinitives, but don't worry there's no 10.4.5.b rules here - it's all simple and fast - the rules cover 2 sides of one sheet and you can play it right out of the box with your friends or family. It is, however, full of colorful cards and miniatures.

Splittin Infinitives is a great game for a group of friends to get together and enjoy an afternoon's or evening's gaming. It's a nice combination of a fast-paced fun game, and a proper strategy game. It plays in under 3 hours, and has a lot of variety and humor, and the political deck encourages lots of hearty competition.

Splittin Infinitives is produced out-of-home by the designer, and has been playtested for years.

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