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Clingo don't
Android doesn't come with a decent car-mount so I checked out the clingo. If you have android don't, at least, not the vent version. I tried to install it and the little vent-hooks snapped under mild finger-pressure as I was attempting to place the unit, and slid down into into my vent. A real piece of crap. Don't touch it..
I recently installed and paid for a tool called 'UpdateMyDrivers' by SmartTweak. I downloaded a driver, ran it, and then rebooted my PC, only the PC would no longer boot. It could not get past the blue Win welcome screen.
I suspect this so-called tool is a disguised trojan, so please avoid it. Don't be a fool like me and actually pay to have your PC ruined. In the end I had to rebuild and reinstall my PC completely.
HP Lovecraft
This is taken from HP Lovecraft "Tales of the Bizarre and Macabre"
from the foreword "Heritage of Horror" by Robert Bloch:

" In recent years Ted White, former editor of Amazing and Fantastic expressed the belief that this sort of "sick" writing is the product of a "sick" mind -- and suggested that anyone attracted to it is also "sick."

The notion is interesting, but its revisionist attitude towards literature could have far-reaching implications. If safeguarding our mental health requires us to avoid the work of those whose life-styles depart from the accepted norm, then our bookshelves would soon be stripped bare. The literary efforts of chronic alcoholics, drug addcits, sexual deviants, and victims of psychosis with suical tendencies can indeed be dismissed*, but we must be preapred to accept the consequences.

We will, of course, lose the efforts of Poe, Hawthorne, de Maupaussant, and Kafka. But we will also be deprived of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Huckleberry Finn, Moby-Dick, Crime and Punishment, A Farewell to Arms, The Great Gatsby, Remembrance of Things Past, and hundreds of other titles that some regard as literary mastgerpieces. We must avoid O Henry, Katherine Mansfield, Sherwood Anderson, Viriginia Woolf, Jack London, Candre Gide, Thomas Wolfe, Somerset Maugham, Sinclair Lewis, Jean Cocteau, Christopher Isherwood, William Faulkner and Oscar Wilde, to name only a few. The same applies to such diverse talents as Dashiell Hammet, Nietzsche, Brendan Behan, Raymond Chandler, Schopenhauer, and Hans Christian Andersen. Poets would vanish; Byron, Auden, Baudelaire, Rimbaud, Dylan Thomas, Edna St. Vinvent Millay, Swinburne, Verlaine, Hart Crane, Walt Whitman. We would also cast into oblivion the plays of Marlowe, Genet, Tennessee Williams, Eugene O'Neill, Noel Coward and--according to some authorities--the complete works of William Shakespeare.

It seems a high price to pay for our mental hygene.."

*side note - I don't agree with these few words. The word of a suicidal psychotic is liable to be crap, but I don't believe in dismissing it outright because the author IS a psychotic, particularly out of fear of catching his psychosis. I haven't checked with a clinical pathologist, but I am pretty sure that none of these conditions can be trasmitted through text.
COH fixes
I just thought of another way that COH could have been fixed.
Instead of having powersets where powers were all stuck together, have stats in the game (eg., str, dex and so on which amount to Melee% hit, Melee damage, ranged% hit, ranged damage) and have classes built to do the various jobs with stats. Oh, allow people to boost up their other abilities and or specialize, but make it the cheapest easiest thing to do your job and do it well.
That way if you took a Melee class, you *could* get ranged attack powers, but they would miss most of the time and not be very effective. With boosts you could perhaps get 1 working ranged power in a melee class.
and so on
Freedom Force
Oh Freedom Force, thou KING of superhero games, king of games.. wont you PLEASE please PLEASE PLEASE make a MMORPG? Save us from the awful COH?
No More Fish

People read this, and move on, as I did, but it is a serious problem. In our society, responsability is divorced from decision. The CEO has a secretary to avoid phone calls and meetings he doesn't want to take, and she cannot help the people who call, no matter how they scream or beg. The people buying the fish do not have 3 dead fish drop at their feet, and the people bottom-trawling say "i'm doing my job..! ask the people buying!"

I was pondering this this morning. If you collect a mob of people together, they behave in a way not any one of them would alone. Why is it people in an anonymous situation (online) or in a mob, act so badly? They are protected from consequences, and so are free to behave terribly. Sad but true, when people are held up to no standard, they behave their worst. People treat their friends far better than their lovers, for what goes on in love is private.

The cardinal sin of our society is in the simple belief that we all have that we can do nothing. We're but one grain of sand/ in a vast beach, so the choices we make mean nothing, but it's not true. We are the driving force behind these terrible activites. Our $2.49 spent today on a brand of tuna that employs people in 3rd world countries that bottom-trawl, or our decision to shop at Wal*Mart to save 20 cents, despite what we know about their hideous business practices.

The threads in a shirt are all tiny, all nothing. Pull any thread, it breaks, but all the threads working together, the shirt stays together. Each of us has the power, especially if we unify.

Take the time to find out what is going on. Think about what you can do. You may think that not buying one brand over another, not shopping at one store instead of another, not voting for one politician is microscopic in the world, and you are right in a sense, but in another sense, you are the power and what you do does matter.

If a 3rd world country is bottom-trawling, and we are sending them aid, then vote against the politicians doing it, and let them know why. If a fishing company is employing bottom-trawling, do not buy their tuna, and let others know why.

The only sin is in believing there is no salvation, it was once said, and likewise, the great crime of which we are all guilty is the crime of believing that our small decisions are not great crimes, merely because "so many other people are doing it, so it doesn't matter." Do not join the selfish, thoughtless destructive mob. Perhaps only a microbe of the horror lands on each of us, but do not brush it away, as easy as that might be. Take the responsability, and choose.

100 pennies make a dollar. 10,000 threads make a shirt. Millions of people make a country. If enough of us choose right, the world changes.
Harry Potter
I think, in the end, we are going to discover that Harry Potter is in fact the son of Voldemort
Regrowing Limbs
I was having a bad dream and I wondered about the regrowth of limbs. I know the body can replace lost tissue and regrow bone, but it seems to me the problem is that it can't do it without being inside the body area where the blood, osteoblasts and osteoplasts can operate.

I then thought what if you made a sort of "mutilation cast" - something you could attach to the body that would provide say an inch or two of "extra body space" that the body could fill with its blood, plasma and various repairing elements. It would have to be something that could be adjusted and grown inch by inch as the body replaced the lost part, with a sort of latex bag inside that could be expanded and filled more and more as more and more was done. Even mechanically, this would be quite challenging.
Wonder Woman movie
If ever there was a time for it, the time is now: Joss Whedon's work on Buffy, leads him naturally towards this, and he DOES get the contract and decides to do it serious or at worst camp, I think he could do it beautifully.. and of course, Joss HAS worked with Eliza Dushku before.. so one can hope for both at the same time.
Secondary choices, which I'll never have: Terry Farrell, or Kirsten Johnson.
Morg Hole
Is it just me, or is the fact that there is no Star Trek MMORPG a huge obvious gaping hole in the market.
Just think how much trekkies would fork out a month for THAT.
Justice League Unlimited
It's a bit pointless putting this up, because it is an act of microscopic insight to recognize that JLU is building up to an ultimate war between man and superman.
DC Movies
Why is the world so full of dead heads?

Sheldon set the wayback to 1970 or so: Superman the movie comes out and takes the world by storm. Then, Superman2, and hot on its heels, Batman .. lots of Batman. DC has taken the movie world, and Marvel? Not a peep.

Now in the 21st century, suddenly, tired Batman sequel after tired Batman sequel, Marvel has a hit with Blade and so dares to try more. They take the world by STORM with X-Men and its sequels, and then they try out the Hulk and Spiderman which is a bit hit. Suddenly, movies belong to Marvel again.

Not that I necessarily want to help DC retake the movie world here, but if they REALLY wanted to revitalize Batman and Superman in this climate, they shouldn't pump out yet ANOTHER tired Batman movie.. they should do a movie entitled "Batman vs. Superman" - the movie going public lifts their rabbit-like heads and go "What? what? VS?" There's a splendid graphic novel on the subjec - make a movie of that, THAT would get the public back.

..then move on to Wonder Woman ;) but please: Do it RIGHT, ok?

or hell, for that matter, a Teen Titans or Justice League movie - ever hear "Strike while the anvil is hot?" Live OR animated.
Amazing.. I just realized, that with all the crime-fidos comics that I drew, not *one* of the Fidos was a shape-shifter!
Those of you looking for a single-user source-control system may find that only SVN will run on a Windows XP system, locally. You may ALSO find the manuals, tutorials and particularly so-called help forums leave a lot to be desired.

Here, as a public service, is a short tutorial on how to begin using SVN:

Here is a *simple* tutorial on SVN for people who cannot get started, best of luck!

(As you go through this tutorial, pay attention to what directory I am in when I execute these commands, as it often is significant.)

Step 1. Create a repository structure. I am assuming you created d:\svn, and want to name your repository 'repos.' h:/tempsetup is a temporary working space you use to set up, then discard. (I recommend a short dir and repository name, as you'll have to type them often.)

D:\svn> svnadmin create repos
D:\svn> svn co file:///d:/svn/repos h:/tempsetup
Checked out revision 0.

Step 2. Create the project(s) you want, and if you are going to use branches, tags and so on, the branch/tag/trunk structure. This won't affect your primary code directory.

H:\tempsetup> mkdir project project\trunk project\branches project\tags

H:\tempsetup> svn add project
A project
A project\branches
A project\tags
A project\trunk

H:\tempsetup> svn ci -m "initial dir structure"
Adding project
Adding project\branches
Adding project\tags
Adding project\trunk

Committed revision 1.

(ci is "checkin" also commit.)

NOTE: Once you become comfortable with SVN, you will discover you can use ANY structure, and any directory. SVN gives you total control of what to put, and where.

Step 3. Copy the contents of the code directory you want under source-control into your new "trunk" directory, and then import them into SVN:

h:\tempsetup\project\trunk> copy your-code-dir\*.*

H:\tempsetup\project\trunk> svn add *
A (bin) Code.class
A Code.ipr
A Code.iws

H:\tempsetup\project\trunk> svn ci -m "added files"
Adding (bin) trunk\Code.class
Adding trunk\
Adding trunk\Code.ipr
Adding trunk\Code.iws
Transmitting file data ....
Committed revision 2.

An image of your code-directory is now in the repository, and can be retrieved at any time. You can now delete the temporary setup directory.

Step 4. You can now checkout your working directory to any place you want. SVN links the repository directory you specify to the working directory you specify when you checkout. To make your current-code-dir the working directory linked to the repository, you will have to (back it up, just in case, and) empty it first.

svn co file:///d:/svn/repos/project/trunk h:/your-code-dir
A H:\your-code-dir\
A H:\your-code-dir\Code.iws
A H:\your-code-dir\Code.class
A H:\your-code-dir\Code.ipr
Checked out revision 2.

Your your-code-dir now has a working copy of the development-head (trunk.) If you make any changes, they will be detected and can be committed. If you had changed

H:\your-code-dir> svn status

H:\your-code-dir> svn ci -m "change on HEAD"
Transmitting file data .
Committed revision 3.

If you want to retrieve any of the previous revisions (by number):

H:\your-code-dir> svn update -r 2
Updated to revision 2.

H:\your-code-dir> svn update -r 3
Updated to revision 3.

They can also be retrieved by date, and other criteria (see manual.)

Step 5. Making a branch

To tag your current development head as a release:

svn copy file:///d:/svn/repos/project/trunk file:///d:/svn/repos/project/tags/release1 -m "release 1 working"

Committed revision 4.

IMPORTANT note: New users to SVN may be terrified at first to see the word "copy" to make a tag. Tags and branches are merely copies of the code in SVN. So, in fact, is every single revision you check in. Horror! Does this mean SVN doubles its size each time I do a check-in?? No. Each of SVN's "copies" is done in a very efficient manner recording only differences, as you'd expect of a source-control system.

Exam 1. How do you checkout the tagged release you just created to your working directory?

s*n*c* *i*e*/*/*:*s*n*r*p*s*p*o*e*t*t*g*/*e*e*s*1*h*\*o*r*c*d*-*i*
*v* *o*f*l*:*/*d*/*v*/*e*o*/*r*j*c*/*a*s*r*l*a*e* *:*y*u*-*o*e*d*r

Appendix. A wonderfully handy thing to know: You can examine the repository structure from outside, to learn what projects and tags you have created:

H:\>svn ls file:///d:/svn/repos

H:\>svn ls file:///d:/svn/repos/project

H:\>svn ls file:///d:/svn/repos/project/tags

I recommend you do this tutorial several times, until you are comfortable.
Wonder Woman
Joss! Joss! Joss! Are you blind? Are you crazy?
Joss Whedon, producer/creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer has been selected to write and direct the Wonder Woman movie.. they have thought about Sandra Bullock to play the lead, and that's fine, though I'd love to see Terry Farrell in the part. The great thing is, he can handle Buffy so I think they can do a fairly serious film not a campy one.. but as for the lead role, Joss need look no further than people he's already worked with: ELIZA DUSHKU has the looks, can handle the athletics and stunts, and would make a FANTASTIC wonder woman.
Furst Force Goes Gold!
WHOA! Furst Force has somehow moved onto Download.Com and has been downloaded 1500+ times.. Nearly 2000 people have downloaded and seen Furst Force? YOW ZA!

The page is this page and also the main project page is here
Cell Phone Keys
There is another type of key out there - the piezo electric key, you know, in those touch-n-light lamps?

Pressing keys on a cellphone with your thumb is very awkward and uncomfortable.. but touching a piezo-key with your thumb requiring no pressure would be EASY. Here's hoping they figure it outnews=Star Trek MMORPG

Players and RPG
From an article on freeform RPing I found on Gaia, which says it all simply and beautifully:

"Anyway, Mary Sues and Gary Stus are never going to win you any awards, they're never going to let you learn to RP with large groups of people, and they're never going to make your character a part of a team, not really. The nature of Stus and Sues is to be the center of attention, which is completely counter-productive to the nature of RPGs, which is a collective effort. There are no main characters, there are no main heroes. There is a group of people playing diverse and interesting characters (if you're lucky) and they all deserve equal time in the spotlight. While the characters may not get along, the players do, and they all work together in this cooperative production to weave the story together in such a way that people who AREN'T in the RPG could read over it and remain interested. And people who ARE in the RPG will cherish it."

--Tengu and Kiva
link original
Thank YOU!
Wow!! I just received my first EVER donation for all the comic-work I've done and put up on the web for people! Many thanks to Wysiwyg, you rocked my world!
Site Upgrade
I've done a site-upgrade to make my life easy. If you notice any problems with the site, or duplicates, please let me know
Macro n Vore
Im getting loads of great feedback for Macro n Vore (comics) .. I got:

Jesus! this comic is @#@$@ genius. I spilled my beer today reading it.

Cant.. breathe.. laughing..too.. hard

and I fell off my chair.. twice!

Im sorry.. I goofed. About four people tried to register passwords using my new email page and it boobed. If those people could re-register because I didn't get their email address please?
Yay! They caught him, but wasn't it Bin Laden we were after? Saddam was the Gulf War, years ago - wasn't he? It's nice to see justice done at last, but I hope people aren't confused that that means the end of the current problems.
I am still Brad! (see links #280)
War of Faces
Each celebrity trial brings the USA closer to dealing with its monarchy. What monarchy?? Celebrities, of course, hollywood. In every way they are exactly like the british monarchy - they are different under the law, they have public lives, the public's minds are completely occupied by them, and they are used and manipulated by all sorts of people to their own ends. The USA doesn't wish to acknowledge that stars are their monarchy, but it is nevertheless, obvious. Little by little, every time there is a state trial of a celebrity, and some twit idealistic journalist stands blanched like a small boy crying "oh my god.. this is different than the trial of an ordinary mortal.." this uncomfortable little social division becomes a little more obvious.
Here is just a gentle reminder to all the numbnutz or relatives of numbnutz in the world:

Television is not real. There is no starship in the gamma quadrant struggling to get back to Earth. The government is not run by black-oil aliens. There are no demons who turn ugly when they get mean, and (thank god) Alex Trebek is not a genius who knows everything.

The really sad part is that most people will boldly claim they know that TV is not real, and even say they know the difference between fantasy and reality, and yet, they think all doctors are cold, all lawyers are crooks, all teenagers are wise-asses, and where did they obtain these facts? Where do they obtain MOST of their "facts?" Aha.... They probably even believe that guy selling Chili who says `I am not an actor...` even though they've seen him on 3 episodes of Tremors

If you know anyone -- and I'm assuming if you had the skill to dress yourself and get to this website that you yourself are not one -- who thinks that what they see on a rather poor crime drama (and drama has many letters different than documentary, you will note) is factual, you might remind them of these VERY SIMPLE facts. You might remind them of the idiot 6yr old who threw himself out of a skyscraper because he saw people flying on TV. You might point out that Sculder and Mully are not real people. Hopefully, you know only fairly smart people who just need to be reminded.

Sadly, if they can pay lip-service to their understanding the line between fantasy and reality .. the line between TV and Reality and yet continue to take their information from **THE BOX** blindly, then there is a lot more wrong with them than a little confusion, they are either congenitally stupid or grand hypocrites. Feel free to tell them I said so, too. I heartily recommend you hang a big sign on them saying "IDIOT" or "TV STUFF IS REAL!". It would save smart people any wasted time talking to them. It might even weed them out of the gene pool altogether...

One can hope.

Freedom Force II
It occurred to me today what the next-gen of Freedom Force should be.

I heard what we all heard that they are doing the next-gen of comics, but I understand the creative teams said "that's nowhere" and they're probably right. That would be like doing "the empire strikes back" - amusing, but could not possibly have the OOMPH of the first one which so perfectly captured the very essence of comic book superheroes in their heydey (the kirby era.) Next gens of comics, if they're worth noting, could be an expansion pack.

It occurred to me, what I hope occurred to them: Anime. Do a game about the anime style of things, with anime style powers and trappings, and the ability to create new anime chrs and settings. Understand, I am not PARTICULARLY fond of anime and am rather sick of seeing it, but the majority of the modern world from pre-teen to young-adult is absolutely GA GA over it. If they could capture THAT essence as well as they did superheroes, their market would be enormous.

I just took Best of Journeyman Class at WorldCon (Torcon3), so now I am officially a Master-class costumer.
I'm now actively taking commissions, so if you have anything you want drawn, just drop me a line :)
HA! Aquadroid 0
Bugbear 0
Windows Update 0
Trillian ICQ File Transfers 0

Loopy 1.
People PLEASE it's should HAVE.. not SHOULD OF.. !!
Fang Claw & Steel
*WHINE* I missed a deadline for the latest issue of FC&S -- That\'s the first issue I ever missed!! Waaah!!!
Whats the Point?
What is the point of a dragon without fire breath?
AC 2004
I hope the theme of next year\'s AC is either aliens or dragons, or maybe sphinxes..
Albert came back last night!!

Long ago, I had a dinner at Chez Lien and there was a teeny tiny bug on the salad. When I showed the waiter, he took the food away: didnt credit the bill, didn\'t bring me fresh, just - took the food away

I was put out, I didnt want them to take the bug away, I wanted to keep him - I\'d named him Albert!

Last night, Albert came home! I put him in a jar.. then when I went to get him, he`d muscled the top off the jar and was gone. Meh, that\'s ok - Id decided to let him go anyway.

Gen. Talon stationed..
This is for the benefit of anyone doing a websearch. A furiend of ours called Gen.Talon is in the american armed forces and stationed in WI. I\'ll keep you posted..
Conforming Artists
One thing I truly cannot stand, is conforming artists.. that is, artists who draw not what they see, or imagine, not in thier own way, but to imitate another artist, or especially, to draw in a certain style that they know will be popular.
An artist has the potential to do something never seen before, to speak directly from thier soul, and for them to copy and imitate other art to me is like using a nuclear missile to mop the floor.
A friend of mine was just attacked and raped. Does anyone know phone numbers for crisis centers and things like that. It was two cops, so she doesn\'t think anything can be done. She needs to heal and she can\'t do this alone. If you know anything .. hotlines.. centers.. that kind of thing, please let me know.
Wonder Woofy!
I did it!!

After many many many MANY months of work I finally completed the import of Wonder Woofy into Freedom Force!!

So last night, all those months of work paid off. I set up Wonder Woofy in a series of fights. He took down 6 gangsters without a sweat, several large robots, alien troopers, A T-rex and some raptors, Godzilla (yes, godzilla) and a squad of 3 Sith. I even pit him against 3 of the original Freedom Force: Alchemiss, Bullet and Liberty Lad, and he did well!
My dog died
What I need is a console that spews OUT time, instead of the reverse..
Wolfy Antenna
Well, I gotta admit thats a new one..
I knew I had a wierd electrical field the way I demagnetize cards and drain batteries, but now:
When I wave my hand over the radio it changes station..
That\'s wierd..
You iwish..
I only thought the day in Hell was bad because I was blissfully unaware of the days that would follow.
Day in Hell
Well, yesterday was a day in hell.
The plan was to take a personal day, and I did.. and it was going SO well at first.. I tidied up, folded laundry, caught up on some little things that needed caught up on and THEN just as I was about to go shop and have some fun, the phone rings: BRRRIP - 11am COME TO WORK
I get to work, people are crappy.. A major project presentation has to be completed by EOD and I\'m socked up in meetings. Upshot: I wound up there till 630pm and since I was training at 7pm I had no time to eat -- I had to rush home grab clothes, and rush to gym.
When I finally got home, I just collapsed.. Watta awful day
What the @$*$_)*&@! is a lembas wafer anyway?
Should I or Shouldn\'t I?
This year, Toronto Trek 2003 is a WORLD CON.
It\'s january. If I set to, I could make the suit I had in mind for world con by July.. the question I am grappling with is this:
I don\'t really feel like making costumes anymore.. I dunno, just lost the desire to. Should I make this one for the sake of maybe taking TO TREK 2003 and making a master\'s title, or should I just carry on with my little projects and take it easy?
I dunno what I should do...
Last night I heard an awful cry, a wierd pitiful noise and I realized it was a dog. I rushed downstairs to find one of the 3 younger dogs tearing into her mother.. the poor old thing was shrieking, trying to get away but she wouldn\'t let her :(
When I pulled them apart I found the mother was bleeding on her nose and her eyes, she\'d been bitted and/or tugged on.. I threw the black one into a dark room and left her there as a punishment (they say ignoring a dog is the worst punishement)
I feel completely helpless, however.. How can I communicate that this sort of thing is WRONG? Why would the puppies want to hurt their own mother so much.. It\'s very distressing.
Last night (15 jan 2003) in the western sky low on the horizon I saw a bright flash of dark turquoise.. what in the hell was that?
Best theories: Satellite or Ball Lightning (feh)
You decide..
Hello, loyal friends and fans of Wolfwares:

Submitted for your consideration the following picture

Those of you with access to the special section may be reminded (strongly) of the picture of the same name \"Moon Bather\" to be found there.

There are only 3 songs today (beat and tune may vary):

  • I just fell in love/lust and I\'m so happy
  • I just broke up and I\'m miserable
  • Christmas Songs

These things (in particular, teen love) make up a very teeny tiny part of life. Let\'s have some songs about all the OTHER things we deal with everyday.. such as:

  • My boss is a dink and I hate him
  • I\'m fighting with a friend and it makes me mad
  • The weather completely sucks
  • I\'m having an argument with my partner and we feel awful
  • Everybody hates taxes
  • I have to tidy up.. again
  • etc.etc.etc. - the list is endless

Ok, songmakers, songwriters.. time to broaden your view a LITTLE..
Copyright Reminder
This is just a friendly reminder to people who use the Wolfwares site:
All artwork is protected by copyright, as indicated on the webpages, and should not be copied, redistributed or altered without my permission.
If you want to use the images somewhere, please just ask.
If you want to show them to your friends, please just direct them to the site.
I do NOT want to have to prosecute loyal fans or friends.

Thank you
Moments in Literary History
It will be an historic moment in internet history when the first book is published with a smiley :) in it.
It is bound to come, so many people are commonly using it to convey writer\'s mood. The question is: When will it appear in the first book and thereafter becommon common use?
Something to watch for, if it hasn\'t already happened..
Future Shop
Future Shop`s Slogan should be:

Box Light
Here`s another million-dollar idea for the folks watching:

Box Light: A light built into the back of every computer chassis/box that you can click and it will illuminate the cable plugins.
They are usually in dark spots and hard to see and you usually have to have a small flashlight. This would make life much easier and would be easy as hell to add to a chassis box.
3D Help
Ok, for those of you who haven`t yet heard this, I`ve caught the 3D bug..
There is a game called `Freedom Force` and I`d like to make a chr for it to play.
I had no idea, of course, how complicated this would be.
I have gotten as far as making the static 3D model of the chr.. but still need to texture and animate.
Ok, so call me a twit for ever getting into this, but I would sure appreciate help with 3DS Max, RealSoft 3D, texturing and animating.
If any wolfwares fans or friends out there are into this, I would appreciate any help!
Game Engine Help
Mecu Sirius – Ok. I don’t want to JINX this but work on my new web game engine is progressing. Some of you have inquired about it, and would like to assist / contribute. I could mainly use help in two areas: WRITING and ART. I figure I won’t get any art help :) but that’s ok, really. I`m sure lots of people can help with WRITING, and you can give help by designing RACES, MONSTERS and/or TOWNS.

The engine I`m working on can hopefully be used for many games in many settings. First, is Mecu Sirius – set in a post apocalyptic world with mechs. Others are Eyes in the Dark – modern monsters in a city, Cyberpunk, Werewolf`s Castle, Aliens Invaded My Spaceship, standard Fantasy a la Hobbit, and a furry setting.

For RACES, ideas and sketches are fine. I will eventually need to write a blurb on each, and I’ll need notions of their abilities. I`m mainly looking for ideas for races that really fit the setting beautifully as strong concepts, and that have interesting political involvements with other races on the map, plus make good team members or good monsters to fight.

MONSTERS are the same as races, only they are single NPC opponents you come across in the world to fight, so they (usually) lack a political aspect. Apart from that, they are the same.

TOWNS in this gaming engine are places where people can build buildings and produce units. The right to build is claimed by “build points” which you win by completing quests for that town. The conditions that win you build points for a town depend on the town. Example: Human Town might give 1 build point for every Orc you kill, Orc Town might give you 10 build points for every bandit you engage. Mice people might give 1 point for each Cat person you kill, and vice versa. I need some nifty quest ideas so I can weave the political tapestry into a nice challenging mix.

Of course if you make a contribution your name will be in the credits, and what that line really means is I`ll be taking notes on who gives me what for that eventual credits page.
Anthrocon Report
AC is now the largest fur con, and it deserves to be. It is very well organized and well-run.

Things are too tight for me, tho. Rush to dealer\'s room, rush to meal, rush to rehearsal, late for shows.. It\'s not making much room for the people who do more than one thing.. :/

Art Sales this year were up a tiny bit, which is cool, and I got to meet some nice new people. Also cool. I got to whoopass at DDR and Twister. The dances were pretty bleak, set sets with music nobody wantes, with one brief hour of some coolness.

The plushie launcher was well-received, though the favorite was definitelyt he Holy Plush Grenade. I sure was lucky getting that weapon, even a toy weapon, through customs, especially with an expired passport -- yeek?

There were nasty things at the con, but I lived through it. Some confusing things. Some things will never change for me, tho, no matter what I do :(

When spam attacks!
Man, this is really going too far!

It used to be fairly easy to delete the spam junk advertising emails I get. The dozen or so Increase your favorite organs! or Inflatable Sheep Porn sites just for you! or anything with the word FREE in the title.

Now, however, NOW they are putting them with the header: Mail System Returned - mail daemon was unable to send mail the EXACT message your mailer sends you when an email you sent failed and requires attention.

This is really going too far.

Crichton, you\'re a fool!
We all know what would really happen if mankind could genetically re-create dinosaurs today. We know what it would really amount to...

Scanning down a menu and coming across \"T-Rex Wings\"

Plushie Cannon
Can anybody think of a suitable tune to go with a Plushie Cannon?
Ok, I remembered one:

Wouldn\'t it be cool if somewhere in the new Spider-Man film they snuck the song Lullaby - the Spider-Man is having me for dinner tonight from the Cure? :)

Huh, ain\'t that a thing..
Ok, I just changed my news page so that I could add articles to it fairly easily, because this morning I had an article I wanted to post

Now that I have changed it to make it easier.. I can\'t remember what article I wanted to write :/

Find any Day
I have here a method that allows you to find the day corresponding to any date, read on..
Dance Dance Revolution
You have seen those articles about DDR helping people lost weight? Maybe, but
have you really taken DDR to its ultimate level? Read on...
Splittin' Infinitives
Splittin' Infinitives is all but done. I fixed the last rule and now just need to playtest it one more time. That means soon I can begin the next game.
Those of you closest to me know I'm going through a very rough time, and I appreciate the support you
I apologize to those who are trying to talk me through it that I'm so down in the
The tragedy that occurred shortly before AC broke my heart and it doesn't seem to be healing.. It's very sad and yet very human that sometimes you don't really know what you have, or how you feel, till it is taken away. I also lost
AC was once again very well run. I was distracted by some rather serious issues in my life, and spent most of the con worrying, but there were some good times anyway.
I find more and more I enjoy going to cons just to see my old friends. The dances were particularly good this year! My performance as Puss'n'Boots went well, too. Sales were quite good, better than I'd expected, which I guess means I'm heading back next year.
Feral 2001
Feral was a different experience this year, but once again it was quite fun.
I made a Renamon suit for the Pred-Prey games and everyone remarked how crackers I was. I got to teach lots of
I didn't wear the suit for the water-fight this time, instead I wore those black vinyl pants you see every furry in
Dear Friends, Fans and Furs:
I've just suffered a terribly tragedy in my life, and my heart is broken.
The good news is that I'm drawing a lot, so you should see lots of new art soon.
Democracy's a word on every tongue these days.
Elections neck and neck are nothing new to Canadians. Our entire fates have been decided by a 51% vs 49%, and any scientist knows that's really no decision at all. Those figures mean people couldn't decide at all.
More basically, though, it's become increasingly apparent to me lately that the current model of democracy is useless and of dubious value, and I'm keen for the next thing to come along, already.
What will it be?
Napster has already shown up that communism can function, given sufficiently advanced technology. No huge record company, no capital gain, no PROFIT.. just people sharing with people. Obviously, the internet could be a big boon to democracy too. Public opinion could be instantly, constantly and quickly gathered and collated electronically. That would be- what- "government by the people?" The current system has a sporadic burst of public control once every 4 years or so, not to choose the issues, but rather to choose a favorite from among 3 or 4 people who try basically not to piss the people off so that they can be back again in 4 years time, but usually aren't, and in the meantime make all manner of decisions that the people don't want or agree with. Is it surprising? What connection do they have? This is not government by the people, it is "government by the favorites of the people."
Journalism, as odious as I think journalists are, seems to have complimented if not supplanted the democratic system. Politicians always look right at the paper to learn "what the people are saying.." Moreover, journalists not only collect public opinion, they ferret out wrongdoing and dig for public opinion. Politicians wait to be told. As much as I resent the papparazzi and the whole invasion-of-privacy, I think it a certainty that journalism will be part of the new solution.
However, it must be noted that simply knowing public opinion is only half the problem, the other half is administration itself. Even if a system were put in place where representatives hierarchically collected, collated and reported what people's wishes were on every issue, those would still only be the wishes with no notion as to the problems involved and how to supplant them. I'm not so naive as to believe politicians screw things up out of malice or incompetence.. it's far more likely that the tangled mess of the country is underfoot more often than not. Alas, I don't have an answer to this part of the problem. Perhaps the "elected representatives"
ought to be elected for their skill as expert administrators and ambassadors, rather than popular figures: Acting on the public opinion collected via the internet, they would try to execute the wishes that existed, and report their activities, perhaps? I honestly don't know that half of it.
All I can say is, I hope some political-science type is working on this problem, and I hope the change can be enacted without revolution, because frankly it seems patently obvious that "democracy" such as it is today, has ceased to function.
The Horse's Nose
Well, ain't that a thing and I just noticed it...
A horse's nose is too big. All other animals who have a large, elongated snout there's a reason. I can't find any good reason for a horse's nose to be long like that. Dang!
Proof Negative!
Well, I finally have clinching proof that my new car (CAMRY LE Black) is snazzy and classy and expensive-looking, although it comes in the worst way!
The customs people stop me and searched everything and I think the reason is that they don`t think a young guy like me can have a car like this.
A couple of nights ago I was wakened to a horrible BANG! When I looked out the window,I saw flames... flames heading my way. The house next door was on fire. The two cars were on fire, and one was rolling quietly towards my house.
I was terrified. I went outside, and found out that the house next door had both its cars ablaze and part of the roof. The fire militia arrived some 20 minutes later, but I was scared they would explode.. My costumes were in that side of the house. I was scared I was about to lose everything. I decided, though maybe it wasn`t smart, to get the costumes out of the way and move the cars. The militia arrived, and they put the fire out on the roof, and eventually on the cars. Prevailing feeling was that the fire had been set deliberately.
It`s terrifying to think how easily CHAOS can come knocking on your door and take everything away from you.
In the movie NightWatch, Nick Nolte gave the following speech which sums up the whole idea very simply:
When something like this happens.. people always want to know WHY, as if somehow it all makes sense. I guess they need to think that, because otherwise it's all just random, meaningless chaos that could engulf any one of us at any moment.. which of course, it is..
Suffice to say, I got little sleep.
Being Special
I wish I was not special..
CD Sharer
Another neat idea: A device you could buy for any office which was like a mini-network, separate from the main hub and utilizing no bandwidth:
It would connect to all the PCs in a development or office block, and allow you to `tune into` anyone`s CD player like a radio station.
Workout Watch
Another idea under the heading of Why Haven`t they Thought of This Already?: A watch with a mode that quietly chimes every minute so that you can comfortably and easily time your rests between workout sets.
FERAL 2k Report ..
I just got home from Feral 2k and MAN am I sore!
It was a lotta fun, as usual, despite the bites, burns, chills, aches and pains. This year, I made a special FERAL suit, especially to assist in the waterfight and the pred-prey games. Like FORMI it was a prosthetic enhancer, not a creature per se. It was camoflaged to hide me in the pred-prey, and had water-shields and eyeshields for the water-fight. It worked fairly well, both cases.
Now I must go repair all the bits I damaged.

Goin back next year? TRY and stop me!
Kudos to Velar!
Kudos to Velar, a smartly run archive that helps to keep artists in the fandom .. in the fandom! A fan of mine discovered this artwork
traced by someone (and marked © to him or her no less!) A ripoff of
I notified Velar, they immediately acted.
It`s people like those, who keep piracy and bad practice under wraps, who protect the rights of artists to share their work without danger of being used or copied, that will keep the fandom alive. Three Cheers!
UPDATE: The young artist that did this, has since contacted and apologized to me. Gives us all hope :)
I`M a fanboy!
HELP I`m a fanboy! Now I know how all those folks felt! I`m an honest-to-god fanboy! I drool, I glow, I`d sell my soul to be noticed! I`m a fanboy for the FLORIDA FUNDAY PAWPET SHOW. If you ain`t seen it, you just AIN'T. You gotta see it! You gotta see it this second! But you gotta stand in line.. Cause I`M their #1 fanboy!
Bad Car Crash
I was in a very bad car crash, recently. The car got away from me in a blizzard when I was out-of-town. We skidded crossways to traffic. It`s.. very scary to think about, even now. We were hit once by a jeep, spun out, I blacked out. We were apparently hit on the other side by a wagon, and spun back. That I cannot confirm. My car was crushed into a tin foil ball. I broke my collarbone and was incapacitated for a while. Someone else broke her pelvis. The other girl is.. was.. still not doing too well. I feel terribly guilty. The emergency hospital sent me out with a sling, which would have ruined my arm. Hypochondrium convinced me to confirm the bone, and after 9 hours at a hospital, I got a better sling. My bone is now consolidated. They also did not diagnose the broken pelvis. Some of my strength is returning now. I seem to have lost some fine motor control, and also - for some reason - most of my motivation to draw, build, or scupt. Not quite sure why. It is most difficult having a broken collarbone. Your right arm is inoperative and you cannot dress yourself, sleep or do anything.
Paradise Island
Every Harvest Moon, all lycamazons must return to Paradise Island, there to renew their vows and their strength and so it was with Wonder Woofy. He felt the ancient call too, and was drawn back to his ancestral home. Everything on Paradise Island was just as it has been, timeless, beautiful, luxurious. He rejoiced to swim with his old friends the dolphins, and to visit the halls of the gods at Atlantis, but next to the human world in which he now lived, it seemed just a dream. Even when he met his cousin the FORMORIAN, he found himself speaking only of the world he had left behind. Wishing to return redoubled his determination, and he once again won the trials of Wonder Woofy and was returned to the world of Man to continue his work. And though Paradise Island was warm, peaceful, a paradise, this he found eminently prefererable: For you see, on Paradise Island he was just another lycamazon, but in the world of Man with all its difficulties, he was needed.
Special Artwork Page
I`ve (hopefully) fixed the login for the special artwork page. Let me know if you have any further problems.
Split Infinity
The game progresses very well, and I should be able to start playtesting at cons soon. Thanks to help from some friends, I figured out the space board!
NOT a Millenium
For the year 2000 new year`s eve (i.e., not the MILLENIUM) I went to Toronto to see the fireworks. They were cool, although nothing could be as impressive as those ones at Albany on the fourth of July. You know, it crossed my mind once or twice while standing on the top of that skyscraper dressed as HERALDRY
Hallowe`en Report`99
For HALLOWE`EN this year I decorated my garage as a big cage and had Loopy in it. The children were really fascinated, and quite scared too, which is pretty wierd when you consider what Loopy is like! :)
ADDITIONAL: I figured out why this was. BODY LANGUAGE.
I recently attended PHILANTHROCON`99 and I had a really good time. It was the most friendly, pleasant con I had ever been too, and so very professionally and properly run. Good show, Dr. KAGE!
My gryphon suit received a very warm reception there, and I also go to wear LOOPY, KORUL and even TORA, though there was no chance to show the fish-man FORMI -- sorry to those who wanted to see him. TORA was fun in particular.
I made lots of sales, best ever,.. got to meet all kinds of cute new furs, see all kinds of old friends and spend time with them. It was really a happy thing. Best con I ever went to.
I look forward to attending next year!
Is anybody else sick up to foxing death of Hollywood treating NEW YORK as if it were the only place on Earth??
Every single movie I see that doesn`t take place on Mars or Planet-X happens in just one place NEW YORK! There *are* other places on Earth, a helluva lot CLEANER too. For PETE`S SAKE, people.. ENOUGH is ENOUGH!!
Deep Rising
If you have the chance, watch DEEP RISING. It`s got a lot of great lines and some fabulous characters in it. The one character, Joey, has some of the best lines I`ve ever heard! The captain is also great, because he`s not a "tough guy" but he has a rod of steel down his backbone. The monsters also aren`t mutants or aliens, they`re just.. big :) The only thing maybe a little silly was that the military types are portrayed as panicky cowards who are only tough when they have a gun pointed at someone.. which is a little stereotypical, but APART FROM THAT...
Walkin on the Sun
The song WALKING ON THE SUN seems to be an ad for the Yellow Pages..?
A Prayer
I`ve just heard that someone very dear to me, and to many of you, has been terribly hurt by one of his lions. I don`t feel right saying who yet, but we should all pray for his safe recovery. It would be a loss to the world if he left.
Are We Alone?
Probability suggests that it`s highly unlikely we`re the only intelligent life, and I find it hard to believe that we could be, and yet.. yesterday it occurred to me that.. well, that would fit. Nature has a sort of style, an "ugliness" to things that are real, and the fact that we could be the only tool-using, civilization-building life in the universe fits that very much. Nobody but us, and no wonderful sexy aliens to flee to: just regular human beings-- as greedy, as ugly, as disappointing as they are sometimes. That strikes me as very real. Oh, I dn`t doubt that we`ll find intelligent life, like dolphins or apes out there, but just nothing so very close to us that they could be used as replacements for people in any way. If that were true, it would mean we-- HUMANITY-- had to expand outward and fill up the whole universe. I also find that makes sense, and it would explain why we have, and be a very good use to put to our IMAGINATION.
Sympathetic Vibration
I don`t know how many of you have wondered how is such a thing possible? It seems almost magical to me, and yet it exists.. but there it is. I had an EPIPHANY this morning and I understand it at last! Ok, so you strike a vibration in a G-string, that wave is picked up by the air and when it hits the G-string on a piano it also vibrates. Consider how if you swish a half-full cup from side to side the contents won`t slosh over, but if you swing it side to side in time, they will because the wave builds and builds.. So there`s the answer: There is no zero
Tacky Resin
RATS! EVery time I cast something in resin it remains TACKY for ever.. I wish somebody could tell me how to get it to go firm and tack-free...
Hallowe`en Report
This year for a change I took part in a Haunted House in Mississuaga run by Gord Goss. KORUL met his usual warm reception, but that was the only thing that was warm! I was so cold I had to quit after a few hours.. Still, it was fun!
Loopy2:Where are You?
The reason you haven`t seen me around much lately is because I`ve been working in TORONTO and GUELPH and OTTAWA most of the time. It`s been a pretty hectic schedule, so please excuse that you never see me or get to talk to me, or see new artwork and .. whatever :)The reason you haven`t seen me around much lately is because I`ve been working in TORONTO and GUELPH and OTTAWA most of the time. It`s been a pretty hectic schedule, so please excuse that you never see me or get to talk to me, or see new artwork and .. whatever :)
Split Infinity
SPLIT INFINITY got playtested a bit a few weekend ago, and I found a few flaws, but it went rather well. I`m gonna change a few things and make it neater and try again. We forge ahead! After S/I I want to make a Mystery/RP Board game called "Werewolves Castle" and maybe one for RUMPUS too :)
Dumb Dog
Do you believe I dropped my glasses? Now I have to use my spare-pair, which are the new prescription and they're STRONG. It was raining and I had to run for the train, so I thought I) slipped them into my inside coat pocket, but they were gone. I`ve had those 10 years. Dumb dog.
I miss..
I miss my rat, and my rat, and my dragon. :(
I finally got my AIRBRUSH to work! After all these years of buying new airbrushes, looking at compressors and messing with paints.. A salesperson told me it was no good diluting the brand of paint I had, and gave me a liquid airbrush paint and cheap $30 airbrush for large areas.. and it works like a CHARM! Finally, I have entered the wonderful magical world of airbrushes!
Splittin Infinitives
I`m making a space board game called SPLIT INFINITY. It`s basically a fun strategy game of stellar conquest, with changing technologies,cute little fleets, and politics. I based it on all the sci-fi that I love, like BABYLON 5 and STARSHIP INVASIONS. It`s light-hearted, simple to play, and changes a lot each game. It`s just so cool to be able to make and mold your own game!! I molded the pieces for Split Infinity today.. some of them have errors oh well. Maybe I can recast them with mold 2. It should be ready for being playtested at the next con.. I hope!
Musician Wanted
I need some clever person out there to make tracks for my costume performances. Typically I need jazzed-up versions of pre-existing tunes, so if you`re a big fan of Korul n Loopy and you love to make tracks.. let`s team up!
An Apology
I am SORRY but I LOVE the Macarena. I cannot help it. I have tried, but I can not fight it. I also like dance music and disco and WESTERN music too.. There.. THERE! Now you know the awful truth!
Buffy, the Vampire Slayer
Buffy had an interesting episode last night about a werewolf. It was sympathetic towards the werewolf and I really liked it. Positive points:
  • "He`s still a human being.. most of the time.."
  • The werewolf was being poached for its pelt by a neanderthal.. and in the end,
  • the werewolf got the girl.
All in all, a very different view of our monster friend. A neat part also, when the vampire met the werewolf.. he just snarled and backed off, even though I was yelling "Fight! Fight!"
Riddles Errata
"On the way to St. Ives..I met a man with seven wives. Every wife had 7 sacks, every sack had 7 cats, every cat had 7 kittens. How many were going to St. Ives?" Famous riddle.. but the famous answer -1- is not necessarily right. The riddle is not very specific. Assuming the man was going to St. Ives as well, and his wives were with him, and that we are counting cats as well, the answer is 2403. If we are not counting cats, but the wives were with him, the answer is 345. If his wives were not with him the answer is 2, and if he wasn`t going to St. Ives (the riddle doesn`t say the man was going as well, he might have been going the other way) then the answer is 1.. ie., just you.
conFURence 9
I just got back from CF9 - the largest furry con each year. It sure was hectic! It was rough, and fun. Rough fighting with people and having to work, but fun getting all that attention and meeting all those neat new people. I was in the Cabaret Fur Le Dance doing my Loopy tranform but I wasn`t in the Masquerade (in protest along with many other big costumers.) The best costumes I saw there were a wonderful Nicodemus rat, two equines V`ril and Triggur who get the 5-stars for minimal effort for MAXIMUM effect, and a shaggy one horned who knows what for a digitigrade leg design even simpler and more effective than mine.
Loopy2:Where are You?
Some of you may have been wondering where I have been the past 5 days or so. Well, Quebec and Montreal where I live was hit by the biggest ice-storm in our history. I`ve been living without power, and so have 1,000,000 other canadians. It was pretty scary. You couldn`t get candles or kerosene or anything anywhere. The power is back on briefly, and I`m putting out this message. I must say I`m pretty surprised that only one of my LD friends even called to see if I was alive or dead.
Rosy the Rat
I got a new rat named ROSY, and this rat.. actually kisses me! Ain`t that a SCREAM?
Alas, poor Ricky
We're.. we're gonna take the little guy down to the vet tonight and have him put to sleep.. How am I gonna say goodbye? When I was dumped, he was the one and only thing I could think of to do.. When he`s gone how am I gonna go on? Goodbye my sweet sweet rat.. Well, he`s gone now.. I held him while the injection took effect.. He squeaked. He stopped breathing but his heart kept beating. Poor little guy.. Now he`s as gone as the other Riky. It was all I could do to keep back my tears and keep my voice even.. and then on the drive home the tears just wouldn`t stop coming. My many thanks to all those kind people of the RAT MAILING LIST, the first genuine nice people I ever met on the net.