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Would you like some FREE STUFF?

I do an astonishing amount of free commissions for people, and YOU could be next!
All it costs is an idea... and I bet you have lots of those! Here's how it works... Enter an idea for an item you wish you could get, but doesn't exist, e.g.,
A multi-badge to
hold all my badges!
A figure of my chr that
could sit on my monitor!
A rat-flail!
An MSN mood icon that I
can wear in RL!
Fox earrings!
A game about bunnies
that save the galaxy!

When 10 people enter a similar item, I will pick one person at random
out of the 10 and make them that item for FREE!*

You could be the lucky winner.. Enter your idea for the win:

If you win, how would I contact you? (e.g., email, IM)

Good Luck!

p.s. before you suggest a specific picture, or a custom plushie, remember that the idea is to suggest things you CAN'T already get on this site :) - If you want custom plushies or paintings of your chr, just go to Commissions! You can have those TODAY!

* Assuming an item cost up to $40. Items of $60 or more will receive substantial discount.