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I use this page to provide convenient links to point the Wolfwares audience to special webpages. Check these out:

These are my ZooTool links. Click here to see them all
Canis Lupus Werewolvs vs. Vampires comic
Peter is the Wolf Dang this knocks WIW on the head. It's so good!!
Ozy and Millie Very cute comic about 2 fox children
Dib & Zim! SWEET flash cartoon
Fox Flight A sweet little flash animation about a fox who dreams of flying
Happy Valentines Day A very neat flash cartoon (very gaz-zim)
Kingdom of Loathing A very quick MMORPG
Torn Mime video of 'Torn' I don't never get tired of this
Stick Page Stick Death, stick games, etc. :)
Blue Ball this is neat.. how did they do it?
Birds are awesome Funny flash animation
Power Rangers Satire Sit through this one.. for something that on the surface looks just like silliness, is really quite witty and deep
Interview with the Search Engine You know how they said if you had 10000 monkeys on 10000 typewriters for 10000 years you'd get Shakespeare? Well, with the power of 8 billion monkeys and 8 billion typewriters we seem to have got halfway there sooner
Tattoo Map? Bizarre Website of tattoo designs on one guy's body?
Pure Pwnage MMORPGS this is
Nintendo Acapella Amusing act with a familiar sound
After mascot A cool comic about a mascot at the end of the day
Alien Loves Predator An awesome webcomic I discovered by accident!
Flying Lawnmower Flying lawnmower video
Neko Fight Awesome animated hilarious kitty fight
DUI best funniest DUI video you can ask for
Portables A man who had made every game console into a portable.. you WONT' believe it
To Kill a Mockingbird Book review of To Kill a MockingBird done in flash.. with flaming ninja
The Shining Re-enacted by bunnies
FFA+ Final Fantasy Education (Flash Cartoon)
Forbidden Love A bunny girl falls for a cat.. wrong!
Cool Videos Try the videos.. they are GREAT
Rules for a Horror Movie Always a good thing to brush up on
Commander Kitty # 20020502 Fan Voice Click the link you see there, and then download this fan-voicing
Star Trek Bridges This is such a cute site!
Sound FX I have a simple sense of humor
GIJoe reworked A bit dumb at first but gets very funny..
Weevils Hentai Flash Cartoon (funny)
The Other Side Neat Flash Cartoons
Home of the Underdogs Great vintage video games
Misadventures of the Drow Wizard See FanArts (special)
Bot Wars Strategy Thinking Game
Real Lightsabers Make your own lightsaber!
Foxyfluffs! FoxyFluffs are EVERYTHING
Brad the Vampire Cool comic about a vampire and his werewolf buddy
FunnyFarm I'm addicted!!
Cast in Flesh Fantasy Costumes link
8 bit theatre Final Fantasy Guys get jiggy .. in 8 bits
VGCats video game adventures in total wrongness
Black Tapestries Werewolf comic
Nip & Tuck Wrong redneck foxes comic
Poisoned Minds if you don't mind the swearing
Yatta! Discover if popculture is held in the brain cells under your laugh center
Ghastly An extremely creepy comic.. often toes the line.. beware (yet funny somehow)
Haunted Horses Very cool - play with singing horsies
ASSHOLE Sonic sings Asshole
Rejected Rejected commercials. WARPED
Im a cow Flash Music Video
Villain Supply For the supervillain in you..
Strongbad Email Funny Cartoon Email
Happy Tree Friends sick funny cartoon
Dancing Dinosaur Funny dancing DDR dino
Stone Trek Star Trek meets the Flintstones
Ice Box There once was web cartoons.. but..
Haunted Verdun Manor Quite simply the coolest haunted house on Earth
IDEAS-V role-playing game rules
Porrasturvat Tossing grandpa down the stairs for fun and profit
Wildwolf Wildwolfs Mascot Site