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Wolfwares produces board games, role-playing games(RPGs), computer games, and web-based games. The web-based games you can play just by clicking the link. Other links will take you to the board- and role-playing games sections with details on how to purchase. The following games are currently available at Wolfwares:

(WIP) This is an old-style terminal game where you are a hacker attempting to protect the free net
The following is a short quiz (a la Cosmo) of the kind you find on the web today (e.g. "Which debilitating disease Pokemon can catch would you be?") Answer each question and press "submit." Good Luck, fiends!
Werewolf's Castle is a adventure/mystery boardgame where 2-12 players seek the killer in a castle filled with traps, monsters and treasures. Newly out of playtesting, and charming everybody that plays it from 10-40 years old!
(Not completed) I never got to finish this one, but it's a partial game in flash where you pilot a spaceship around a hostile universe. arrow keys turn and thrust, mouse operates the turret, [] control energy allocation. You can view the galaxy map, but not return or warp. If you don't get enemies, just reload the page (it's random) I gave up on t his one cause flash just didn't have the performance to complete it sadly
Critters are flooding the forest, you have to take action! Match actions to the critter, but beware.. they will come faster and faster and faster.
Click here to view high scores
Furst Force is a mod for the game Freedom Force Click here for the main project page, or it is also available on, (search.) Additional project materials are vieweable here. Freedom Force © irrational games/crave. It has recently got 1500+ hits on
Dial 'G' for Galaxy is a free print-n-play game I made as an XMAS present for a friend. It is about a group of explorers who travel the galaxy through a series of large phone-dial gates, seeking to thwart the evil Anubians. To download and play, just click the link.
Splittin Infinitives is the first full board-game developed by wolfwares. A space-strategy board game for 2-7 players, available for sale now.
A quiz that helps new players to Eyes in the Dark choose a monster-type for themselves.
(kwy'ee'joo) Kwaijeux is the fabulous monster movie bug-a-buddy game! Have you ever watched a monster movie? Have you ever longed to level Tokyo? Do you love baseball statistics? Do you long to bug and torment people unfortunate enough to be your friends? Are you even still reading this now? Then Kwaijeux is for you!
A city in which monsters lurk, you must maneuver your allies to become king of the monsters. (Tile Flash game) Click here to view the high scorers!