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Wolfwares makes costumes at the world-class master level, according to your specifications. These are some of the older ones, most of which have won awards at regional, national and world cons. To see a page of photos and more information about any of these costumes, click on the thumbnail image below. Commissions are available (see below.)

The first of my new costumes, click here to see all the appearances, difficulties and special treats I got from wearing this costume.
Eerie Teen Mongrel Monsters visit Thrillvania! See what happened when we visited the best haunted house in Texas (or the world!)
cyclops, and griffons and greeks, oh my!
Awards: Awards Our awards cabinet, local and national, for the various costumes.
A simple fursuit commission, made to be tight-fitting but still furry, with a nice toony face and big floppy ears (poseable.) Very easy to make.
A wolfs suit commission, made in the Loopy style

is a werewolf, a cross between a man and a wolf (with some husky bred in too.) Click here to see what it's like to lead a dog's life.
Just a boy and his big orange demon
FARLEY!: Official mascot of Feral!
Version 2 of the Loopy suit (upgrade)
Bowser: A commission, a customer wanted a replica of the Bowser character from Nintendo made as a mask. Click for more photos
Rithnok: A black dragon costume for a commission. In many ways, my masterpiece. It has the same basic construction as Korul: the wings, tail, prosthetic jaw except it was made for a customer, so it has an adjustable vest. The tail was made to be wearable with or without the costume. I disagreed with the color (black is terrible for photos) but as always it is what the customer wants. It was interesting how much training I had to pass on to the customer about how to wear and operate the suit.
FILK: Songs that go with the costume performances
Man Wolf: Marvel Comics for Hallowe'en
Editorial: Commentary on the experiences and development of the costumes.
PLUSHIE CANNON: AC2002 the theme was 'Invention'
Other miscellanous costumes and links
Puss n Boots: Brought to life from the classic tale

An aquatic humanoid costume designed to work underwater, literally a SWIMMING COSTUME