Story by: Guardian-Ryona
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*WARNING: Possible Spoiler* Take note that this fanfic summary is based on assumption of what I thought would happen even outside of the Battle of Fantasies Perspective (And may not be accurate and be subject to change when the actual story comes out), plus it takes place during the events of "Battle of Fantasies IV: Rise of the Martyr". If you are adventurous (or even plain foolish to know what happens before even knowing the first three chapters), then read to your heart's content. Please click the journal link or profile link after you're done reading, then leave comment on the entry, profile, or via e-mail.

Ryona took only Sesshomaru, InuYasha, Diana, Shukaku, and Kyubi with on an exploration to a Metropolis-like world. They heard sirens of a police car, and followed them to a warehouse block on the pier. Trying to avoid as much attention as possible, the group stayed out of the police affair, but saw something rather strange with the K-9 dog unit, Lewis, that was tracking down a crook. He was shot in the arm, but survived and continued his pursuit on two legs like a human. Out of curiosity, and belief that he may be a Martyr Okami in disguise, the Guardians followed him. After arriving at a dock, they found that the crook was dead, having been whiplashed severely into the water by a strange woman supposedly made of elastic. She grabbed Lewis and whiplashed him into the dock, but Shukaku rose sand up so he hit the sand softly, but went unconscious. Ryona trapped the woman in a Spellbinding Circle, giving InuYasha an opening to defeat her with Iron Reaver Soul Stealer. She survived, but they believed that she would never be seen again to cause any more trouble. Diana healed the blunt trauma to Lewis with her Shoreijinken and quickly went with the others to hide and watch from a distance. Lewis' owner, Norm Prescott, believed his precious dog was dead, but stopped out of shock. The Guardians were also surprised as they saw Lewis enter a metamorphic stage and became human, revealing to them that he was a Werewolf. Lewis, unable to calm the sudden fear that overcame Norm, dove into the water and was thought to never be seen again. The Guardians found Lewis at a coffee house; he was trying to clear things up with Norm and ask if he could take him back. Out of fear, Norm drove Lewis away, calling him a "monster" in the process. Out of anger, Lewis began the transformation again and left the now-screaming shop. Lewis ripped off his collar and vowed to leave behind his life to find where he truly belonged in the world.

Vampires took in Lewis and they tried to teach him to be human in any way possible; he was then given "Loopy" as his name. During this time, Loopy learned new things, much that were bad resulting from whom he was. Loopy then got caught up in a supposed "war" that the Vampire Lord, and many other monsters were caught up in, and wasn't sure what it was about. Loopy knew he had to get his transformation under control, for it seemed that hard trauma and anger could unwillingly cause his transformation to activate. One night, Loopy went up on the roof in his Wolf Form beside a gargoyle, looking up at the sky. He thought in his head that he still couldn't seem to find his place in the world, because of him being a Werewolf Monster. To his surprise, Ryona's voice told him, "No", forcing him to turn around and see the Guardian group. Ryona reassured Loopy that they weren't enemies, but that they had been following and watching him. Through his power, Ryona gave Loopy the ability to talk even while he was in Wolf Form. Ryona continued to talk with Loopy, telling him that no matter what he was on the outside, human, wolf, or werewolf, Loopy was still Loopy on the inside. He told him that nothing changes about him on the inside in either shape or form; the heart was what truly mattered. Loopy took in what Ryona said, but wasn't sure about himself at the moment. Diana came forth and encouraged him that deep down, he was a kind, loving, person; he was no monster. She then told him that what truly makes a monster was what they really were on the inside; appearance didn't matter. Loopy blushed a bit when Diana was near him, revealing that he had somewhat of a crush on her. Ryona explained to Loopy that his true place in this world was with Norm all along; it was just that fear overcame Norm, and blinded him from the truth, what really mattered. That was why Norm drove Loopy away: his fear overshadowed his bond with Loopy, and he drove away his most precious friend. Loopy understood everything, but asked if the Guardians could talk with Norm, which the Guardians ultimately refused. Ryona told him that in order for Norm to ask for Loopy's forgiveness and take him back into his home was for Loopy to talk to him directly. The Guardians left Loopy when Oswald Kenneth Jennings, the head of the family, called for him. Loopy went back inside, but stopped short of the study, hearing an argument between Oswald and his wife, Dame Marie-Reine Unesco Fontague Decapircon, whom he called "Bloomers" for short. Loopy uncovered their plot: they were going to kill him for his blood, but Oswald was planning to do so out of the fact that he couldn't stand Loopy being around or in the house, not to mention how he got the attention of Lord Dracula upon meeting him for the very first time. Loopy thought it over, and saw that they were true monsters; they killed others for their own sake. Upon fully realizing what the Guardians meant, Loopy ran away and sought out Norm. However, he was stopped by Bloomers in the guest room; she had the intent of keeping him there. Though Loopy was fully aware of her capabilities, he just couldn't seem to find a way to defeat her. Then he noticed something he hadn't seen before; a crystal crucifix, with a glowing gem at the intersection, near the fireplace. Since he hadn't seen it there before, he figured the Guardians must have left it there. He grabbed it and repelled Bloomers before striking her with it and knocking her out before making a quick exit.

On the way, the whole family of vampires came for Loopy and cornered him in a small opening in the park. Loopy, both outmatched and outnumbered, suffered terrible injury as he tried to fight them; Oswald grabbed Loopy with his fangs by the abdomen and threw him away. After the crucifix was knocked from his hands, the gem cracked and started emitting small amounts of light. While trying to reach for it, Oswald grabbed him, and was about to kill him, anxious to bite his neck. Loopy smirked; instead of the cross, he had a thick wooden branch and he stabbed the vampire in the heart, stunning him and giving him enough time to grab the cross and shatter it. The gem blasted sunlight right on the spot and incinerated the vampires; Loopy was safe, and knew Norm's apartment was nearby. He also knew that Norm was the only one who could save him at this point. Bleeding terribly from the abdomen, Loopy managed to climb up to his window. With luck, Norm was home; Loopy fell through the open window, and begged him to get urgent medical care. Norm appeared to reach for the phone, but instead pulled out a gun, aiming it at Loopy and telling him to stay back. Loopy explained to Norm that he understood that he was still afraid of him because of Loopy being a Werewolf. He explained to Norm that it was natural for the human heart to have fear of the unnatural and of those who are different in inhuman ways, but explained that just because he was a monster didn't mean he was evil. Loopy asked Norm not to judge him by his appearance, but by who he was on the inside; Loopy knew that deep down in Norm, he knew that he was looking at his precious friend; he just needed to overcome the fear that held his heart captive. Loopy saw in Norm's eyes that he was trying to fight off the fear, hesitating to pull the trigger. Loopy pushed even further and made Norm see that he was telling the truth, by stating, "I've said everything that I've wished to say. If you don't believe me.then pull the trigger and put me out of my misery." Norm stopped hesitating; he finally saw the kind, forgiving heart in Loopy's eyes. He dropped the gun and rushed to his friend, wrapping his arms around him; both were in tears. In the midst of his touching reunion, the Guardians descended into the apartment, congratulating Loopy on proving his heart's desire, and healed him of his wounds. Norm thanked the Guardians for their help, and Loopy thanked them for them helping him learn what really mattered and for bringing him back to his true place in the world. Ryona then told both of them that Loopy wielded a strong heart, and proved to be another apprentice of the Guardians as a Guardian Apprentice of Kindness. Loopy soon developed that he had a purpose for his powers: to protect the people of his world as well as other worlds. Loopy agreed to go with the Guardians and promised Norm he would be back. Before Loopy left, Norm gave him a parting gift to always remember the promise he made: it was his collar, the same one he left behind. Loopy treasured the gift as Norm put it back on his neck and gave Loopy one final hug of good luck before he left the world.