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This is the main art section. The following are all full paintings done in acrylic paints. Click the thumbnail of any image left to see it full size. On each image you will find a "milk-label" identifying the site source.  Don't be alarmed.  These do not appear on the color prints.  They are just a deterrent to web-piracy.

All images on this site are copyright © 2008 A.Pidcock, and are not to be copied, redistributed or altered in any way without my express permission.  If you wish to use an image from this website or from the art-archive, make a request

Because of copyright laws and the danger of setting a precendent, I must prosecute anyone who steals artwork to the full extent. The main reason you will not find the full-size images on this site is precisely because I cannot protect them from this.  You have my permission to download and view these images for your personal use, as wallpapers on your desktop, and so on.